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Rainy weather slightly slowed the pace of repair work on the highway of state importance M-19 Domanovo (on the city of Brest) - Kovel - Chernivtsi - Terebleche (in Bucharest). Employees of the contracting company "Lutskavtodor-Service" Ltd worked on weekends to avoid losing any good day. And we have the result: the last stage of work on the repair of road clothes was completed on the Kremenets-Kopachivka section (km 125 + 000 - km 132 + 600) - an upper layer of road pavement of gravel-mastic asphalt concrete (SCMA) with a thickness of 5 cm was arranged. On this section of the route , with a length of 7,6 km, 9 440 t SCMA was concluded. Ahead of the work on the organization of traffic and improvement.

The quality of work performed on this facility of the current average repair was checked by the responsible employees of the Quality Control, Technical Control and New Technologies and Quality Control Laboratory of the Production Service of the Highway Service in the Volyn region together with the representatives of the Road Traffic Quality Control. They controlled the equality of road surface layers and selected road surface samples in the form of core for further testing. Also, the quality of work performed on repaired bridges of the M-19 highway in the village of Kremenets and near the village was checked. Kozin, in particular, tested the concrete on the strength

Positive conclusions from the results of the inspection carried out by these quality control services are the basis for payment of works done at the facility.

The press service of the SAD in the Volyn region